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Fixed tables Easy-Fix

User-friendly self-assembly fixed grow tables for various crops. Request a consultation
Fixed tables Easy-Fix

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Fixed growing tables Easy-Fix KG Systems

The table growing systems can be used in any type of greenhouse or nursery. This type of growing systems is an excellent option to make the cultivation of the crop as efficient, flexible and labour friendly as possible. With more than 25 years of experience and almost 50 years of knowledge in the field of various cultivation table systems, including fixed growing tables, we help growers to automate their nursery for improved business operations.

When growers optimise the area for plant cultivation, they create ideal cultivation circumstances. KG Systems presents the Easy-Fix System concept for Fixed growing tables for Greenhouses.

A fixed table system is an ideal solution for various cultivations. Fixed tables are often used as displays to produce plants and flowers. These Fixed growing tables with an Easy-Fix System are mostly used in retail areas, where easy customer access is important or where uniformity in display areas is preferred. fixed growing tables can be used in production areas when frequent access to all crops is necessary. A fixed table can be used for harvesting large quantities in a short period of time in an efficient manner. They ensure an optimal use of space and a comfortable working height which creates a pleasant working environment.

Why choose Fixed growing tables Easy-Fix from KG Systems?

The Easy-Fix fixed tables can be supplied in several measurements, which provides a solution for both small and large horticultural businesses. With the Easy-Fix concept, KG Systems presents a complete innovative line of table systems for self-assembly. These systems give a longer life span with a developed quality. This fully automated assembly line is developed entirely in our own factory. This enables KG Systems to produce the Easy-Fix line quickly and efficiently. The self-assembly system saves a lot of transport volume, making it also an attractive system for growers outside Europe.

Some of advantages of Easy – Fix System are:

  •  Extremely competitive prices
  •  Easy-Fix makes self-assembly very easy
  •  Major advantage in terms of transport costs upon export
  •  100% support service
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