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Roller tables Easy-Fix

User-friendly self-assembly roller tables for various crops. 


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Roller tables Easy-Fix

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Roller tables Easy-Fix
Roll-top benches as growing tables have become indispensable for automated nurseries over the years. With more than 20 years of experience and almost 50 years of knowledge in the field of various cultivation table systems, including roll-top benches, we help growers to automate their nursery for improved business operations.

Roll-top benches

Roll-top benches can be used in many greenhouses and nurseries for various crops, including potted plants, cuttings, cut flowers, vegetables and much more. Roll-top benches in the greenhouses provide a better organized workspace. In addition, the roll-top benches lead to a more efficient working condition. Roll-top benches have a positive impact on the climate in the greenhouse by improving airflow in the greenhouses.

Roll-top benches have a number of advantages, including the efficient operation in moving the different groups of cultivation. This promotes the speed in moving the crop during the cultivation process. In addition, roll-top benches have lower energy costs, because the air flows under the roll-top benches make it possible to heat the plants earlier than when the plants are grown on the ground.

Roll-top benches Easy-Fix

With the Easy-Fix concept, KG Systems presents an innovative line of roll-top benches with self-assembly. The roll-top benches have a long lifespan with a further developed quality. This line is developed entirely from our own factory. This allows KG Systems to produce the Easy-Fix roll-top benches in a fast and efficient manner. The self-build system allows the entrepreneur to save investment space.

The Easy-Fix roll-top benches can be supplied in different sizes and are suitable for both small and large horticultural companies. The roll-top benches can be used for a large harvest in a short time. In addition, the roll-top benches are built at an user-friendly height, which is positive for the working atmosphere.

Why choose roll-top benches from KG Systems?

KG Systems attaches great importance to long-term relationships with growers by clearly mapping out their needs. Thanks to our personal approach, we can give every relationship strong advice with the right price-quality ratio. We believe in automating the nurseries to improve a cultivation process. This includes high-quality systems to simplify the cultivation process for the growers and to improve the working conditions for the employees. We have already designed, produced and delivered Easy-Fix roll-top benches for hundreds of growers worldwide.
Roller tables Easy-Fix
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